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Architectural Visualization

Our firm creates in-house realistic renderings that we provide throughout the design process. These visuals greatly aid the client, designers, and builders to achieve a shared vision.  We also provide architectural renderings and videos for other architecture and design firms. Contact us for more information.



Furniture + Sculpture

We are not only digital builders, but also like to design and build physical furniture and sculptures.  Our architecture backgrounds inspire our furniture and sculpture designs, and vice versa.



Triangular Rebar Coffee Table with window glass top
Tube steel and transom window console table with hanging shelf on threaded rod
Mitered door console table with steel rebar frame and hanging shelf
black walnut coffee table with rebar frame
sculpture of wood dowels and pegboard floating in a gallery
table lamp made of welded rebar and red braided lamp cord with edison bulb
modern sculpture with rebar frame and primary color yarn stretched across the steel frame
modern bar stool made of rebar frame and red, blue, and yellow yarn stretched across frame in a patt
concrete and ipe wood outdoor table
modern sculpture of rusted steel cube with steel armature covered in sinewy organic steel wire- mech

Unbuilt Architecture

a rendering of a futuristic airport designed like a vertical skyscraper with landing pads for futuri
A modern train station with exposed steel structure
A modern train station with exposed steel structure
Front porch of a visitor center
Greenville Folk Art Museum design
Rendering of a proposed BBQ restaurant, modern style
Tree of Art Sculpture - modern
Tree of Art Sculpture
black box theatre design with band playing in front of large window with view of park beyond
Music room / banquet hall space

Not all architecture exists in the real world.  Some buildings are made solely for entertainment like video games and movies, or for educational purposes like theoretical school projects.  Here are some of our designs that will only ever be pixels, at least for now.

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